Sphere Biogas Storage Tanks

Sphere Biogas Storage Tanks System description of sphere biogas storage tanks The outer membrane forms the actual protective construction and is always under a for the statics necessary positive pressure. Through a built-in viewing window the operations inside can be observed at any time. The...

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Sphere Biogas Storage Tanks

System description of sphere biogas storage tanks
The outer membrane forms the actual protective construction and is always under a for the statics necessary positive pressure. Through a built-in viewing window the operations inside can be observed at any time. The actually usable holder forms the inner membrane. This membrane moves up or downwards depending on the filling level. In the gas holder with base plate a bottom membrane seals the storage space to the concrete foundation. With the help of the anchoring ring, the membranes are attached to the foundation. Particular emphasis is on the dimensioning of the membranes. Each holder will be calculated individually in consideration of the loads (internal pressure, wind and snow loads). As a result, membranes with high tensile strength are selected. The PVC-coated membranes are flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1, fungicide, and equipped with an increased UV protection. To protect the membranes from the substances in the biogas (CH4, CO2, H2S, etc.) the inner- and bottom membranes have a special coating.
To ensure an optimum gas mixture, each gas supply and gas conduction is provided separately. A safety valve against excess pressure is supplied as standard.
The supporting air blower provides the necessary pressure of the gas reservoir to absorb the external forces such as wind and snow load and create the form on the gas system. A separate air tube connects the blower to the reservoir. The check valve prevents air leakage in case of failure of the blower. For safety in the air system a pressure control valve is installed. This valve controls the operating pressure and agrees to a minimum required pressure (static stability, failure of the blower) independently in the outer membrane. This device is stable with existing gas production capacity of storage.
The level measurement enables an optimal utilization of the storage volume and control of the slave units (e.g. flare, engine, burner, etc.) "

Making sphere biogas storage tanks using superior materials and standards.
The biogas storage tank membranes are highly tear resistant polyester fabrics with a special PVC surface treatment and acrylate varnish. The fabric is also resistant to the impact of the different biogas ingredients and the white colour of its external membrane has a highly reflective effect. The construction and dimensions of the double membrane biogas storage tank comply with all relevant standards.

  • Biogas storage system fabric is highly flame-poof according to DIN 4102-B1

  • Higher specification fabric is available on request

  • The special surface treatment formula guarantees high resistance against permeability & UV

  • All biogas storage tanks are resistant to wind and heavy snow and guarantee safe operation

The temperature resistance ranges from –30°C to +70°C

Advantages of sphere biogas storage tanks
Compared with Chinese traditional biogas storage (wet-type, dry-type), membrane storage system has the advantage as follows:  

  • Biogas can be 100% used: the inner biogas can be totally squeezed out which is hardly to achieve by the traditional one.

  •  In light weight: It weighs only a small percentage than the traditional one. This does great good for make, transportation, installation, etc., and saving a lot of construction time and material cost.

  • No need to maintain for long time: For the membrane is made of the super anti-corrosion material and can last more than 15 years in the biogas circumstance. Meanwhile, it is well welded by high frequency, so we do not have to do regular maintain when use membrane storage.

  • It saves much time and labor: For it is small and light, also the membrane has been well-shaped in factory, so the on-site installation will just cost only a few days.

  • Saving money: From the mentioned above, we can know that the total cost is lower than that of the traditional one.

  • Anti-freezing: For there is no water in the inner structure, there is no need to worry about the frozen problem in the cold area.

  • Keep warm: As we know, air is the perfect medium to keep warm. So the air between two-layer membranes makes the system warmer than the traditional one.

  • Artistic: The main color of the membrane is grey white, so it can easily be matched. Meanwhile, the whole structure is designed to be spheroidal, and this arise the sense of beauty.

  • Comparatively safe when accident happens: Anyway, biogas is flammable gases, if by any chance explosion happens, it will not produce so much injury pieces as other hard material made storage.

  • Easily repair: If unforeseeable things happened, most of the maintenance can be easily done at present. For example, when gas leaking, it only need a small patch.

  • Easily remove: If customer needs to remove the system, it can be easily achieved. There is no need to worry about the by-way produced useless and difficult transportation. From this point, it is better than any kind of traditional design.

Fire protection: The material of membrane field is non-flammable, the fire protection grade reaches the Euro-standard B.

Pricing of sphere biogas storage tanks
Pricing varies depending on capacity required, operating pressure and gas production and utilization rates. Quotations are provided within 48 hours of request when accompanied by minimum required specification data.
Minimum specification data required in order to provide a quote:
- Required Gas Storage Capacity (m³)
- Operating Pressure (Kpa or mbar)
- Gas Production & Utilization rates (m³/hr)

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