Can save energy, improve and protect the environment

- Jun 20, 2018 -

With the development of our country’s economy and the progress of society, the life of urban residents has been further improved, but there are still many problems in the lives of rural residents. To build a well-to-do society in an all-round way, the building of a new socialist countryside is very necessary. This requires the development of rural eco-agricultural production methods, the improvement of the rural environment, and the grand goal of increasing farmers' income. The comprehensive utilization of biogas digesters is an important way to change the rural environment. Building a biogas digester can be used for about 20 years. Comprehensive utilization of biogas digesters not only saves energy, improves and protects the environment, but also saves fertilizers and pesticides, increases the yield and quality of crops, and promotes and stimulates the development of the livestock industry.

(1) Provide low-cost, high-quality fuel for rural families A family of 3 to 5 households build a 63-103 biogas digester. If the raw materials are sufficient, it can provide 9-11 months of cooking and lighting of fuel for one year. Since biogas slurry can be used as pesticides, fertilizers, feeds, etc., it can also be used as a resource to achieve savings. (2) Change the old living habits of farmers and improve the living environment in rural areas. Build biogas digesters together with toilets and pig sty, which are not easy to breed mosquitoes and have no smell. It will play an important role in the elimination of infectious diseases such as schistosomiasis and hookworm disease. In addition, due to frequent human activities, large amounts of energy are consumed, large amounts of straw and livestock manure are stored in the open air, resulting in large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions and aggravating the greenhouse effect. The use of biogas digesters can reduce the above problems to a certain extent. (3) Promoting the development of ecological agriculture and animal husbandry The waste from the biogas digesters is biogas slurry and biogas residue, which can be used as pesticide additives, fertilizers, feeds, etc., to greatly reduce the harm caused by chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and is conducive to green production. Products and pollution-free products.

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