Ensure that the fan is durable

- Jun 20, 2018 -

The double-film gas cabinet is mainly composed of three parts: the outer membrane, the inner membrane and the bottom membrane. Inflatable outer membrane forms a protective shell, even under strong wind, rain and snow, the outer membrane can continue to withstand pressure and maintain the rigidity; the inner membrane is used to store biogas and automatically shrink and expand according to the gas storage capacity; the bottom membrane is laid on the foundation of civil engineering In the above, the biogas is completely sealed between the inner and the bottom membrane.

The gas cabinet comes with a set of overpressure protection device to prevent the gas cabinet from generating overpressure in case of emergency. Antifreeze can be added to the water seal to meet the cold conditions.

The fan is an important part of the double-membrane gas cabinet. The British ring uses a special glass fiber reinforced plastic FRP anti-corrosion, explosion-proof fan to meet the harsh field environment to ensure that the fan is durable.

The gas tank storage monitoring device is an important part of the gas cabinet. The biogas storage capacity signal can be used for remote control of the user equipment of the biogas. For example, when the counter reaches 90% high, the biogas torch is started automatically; when the return is lower than 20% The low alarm is given, and the chain shuts off the biogas booster fans, boilers and other gas equipment.

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