High efficiency, energy saving, light weight and low cost

- Jun 20, 2018 -

Septic tanks are processing equipment that uses suspended and anaerobic fermentation to remove suspended organic matter in domestic sewage. The corrugated glass fiber reinforced plastic scavengers have partitions in their interiors. The holes in the partitions are dislocated upwards and downwards, and it is not easy to form short flows. The whole tank is divided into three parts; the first anaerobic chamber, the second anaerobic chamber and the clarification chamber. The primary and secondary anaerobic chambers are connected at the bottom and internal "MDS special special fillers" are added. This separation reduces the contact time between the sewage and the sludge, so that the two processes of acidic fermentation and alkaline fermentation do not interfere with each other. At the same time, the presence of the filler increases the contact surface area between the sewage sludge and the anaerobic bacteria and greatly improves the reaction efficiency.

In the life, sewage pollutes the environment more and more. Based on the summarization of the introduction of foreign domestic sewage treatment technology, the product combines high-tech composite materials and factory production with scientific research results and engineering practices. It is highly efficient, energy-saving, and lightweight. Cheap sewage treatment equipment. It has successfully replaced the traditional brick and steel septic tanks as a result of leakage, poor operation conditions and pollution of groundwater and affect the safety of surrounding buildings. The product uses the gravity flow of water, without any external power and operating costs, saving energy and easy management. Has good social, environmental and economic benefits.

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