Improve the effective utilization of resources and reduce pollution emissions

- Jun 20, 2018 -

Biogas is a kind of renewable bioenergy. It is a kind of high-quality, hygienic and cheap gas fuel. The development of biogas in rural areas and promotion of the comprehensive utilization of "three marshes" can promote the development of rural economy, enable farmers to benefit, and promote the agricultural industry. Structural Adjustment.

Biogas is a clean and efficient renewable energy source. The development of biogas in rural areas is very important. It can not only facilitate the life of farmers, but also improve the ecological environment. Comprehensive utilization of biogas as a link, accelerate the adjustment of agricultural production structure, and improve the quality of agricultural products. With efficiency, farmers' income will be increased so that farmers can get rid of poverty as soon as possible. China’s energy contradictions have become increasingly prominent, and the only way to solve the energy contradiction in China can only be to build a conservation-oriented society. China’s rural energy use efficiency is low, and energy waste is serious. The biogas industry has realized the cyclical development of agricultural production and peasants’ lives, which has greatly saved Rural Energy. The development of rural biogas industry is an effective way to solve China's rural energy problems and build a conservation-oriented new countryside.

The biogas project is becoming one of the important channels for increasing efficiency of agriculture and increasing farmers' income. The application of biogas can effectively alleviate the contradiction between rural life energy use and environmental protection, realize the goal of national ecology and farmers to get rich, and use biogas construction as a link. Promote the project of enriching the people in rural areas, increase the effective utilization of resources, reduce pollution emissions, build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, achieve the goal of synchronizing production of gas and fertilizer, breeding, planting, raising farmers' income, increasing agricultural efficiency, and rural urbanization.

When the biogas storage equipment needs to be vented, it should be released intermittently. It is forbidden to discharge the stored biogas into the atmosphere at one time. When you empty, you should carefully choose the weather. In the weather that may produce thunderstorms or lightning, it is forbidden to empty.

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