High Efficiency And Low Cost

- Jun 20, 2018 -

Better airtightness. The membrane material is made of an intermediate fiber filament coated airtight material and an anti-aging coating, and the middle filament yarn does not have a leak-proof function. Ordinary welding seams will lead to a greater degree of gas penetration, coupled with more severe deformation after stress. The patented welding technique is used for the inner membrane weld, and the greatest degree of prevention of gas permeation is achieved through multiple treatments. And in the pressure control, the inner film is fully considered as the characteristics that the isolation layer can not withstand greater pressure. The balanced pressure technology is adopted so that the inner film is always within the safe pressure range.

The cabinet is simple and reasonable. The design of cabinet slicing is based on the force of the ball toward cutting, and the shape is more reasonable and less deformable.

Cabinet body air guide adopts one-piece connection method, and there is no bright pipe connected to the top. The appearance is greatly improved.

Due to the poor light transmission of special materials, Wan Bo has specially set the light entrance on the cabinet.

The electronic volume sensor is used to measure the volume of the cabinet, and the approximate volume in the cabinet can be effectively viewed in the control room to facilitate the rational arrangement of production.

Double-diaphragm gas cabinet is light weight, easy to transport, and easy to install and maintain. When used in an integrated gas cabinet, it is installed above the reactor, saving the costs of foundation and reactor top cover.

Gas cabinets are industrially produced at the factory, which has high efficiency, low cost, and can be reused. Gas cabinets do not require high installation and basic requirements, and their subsidiary costs are low.

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