Anti-biogas Corrosion, UV And Microbes

- Jun 20, 2018 -

The double-membrane gas storage cabinet is a type of gas storage cabinet, which is subdivided into an integrated type and an independent dual-membrane gas storage cabinet with different characteristics and applications. It is suitable for biogas, air, and carbon dioxide, and can resist biogas corrosion. Anti-ultraviolet and microbes, structural composition is the bottom film, the inner membrane, the outer membrane and so on.

Installed above the anaerobic tank, it is economical. The compact structure saves the land resources occupied by the gas cabinet and saves the anaerobic tank roof and the gas cabinet foundation. When the diameter of the tank is large, it is inconvenient to install the traditional hard top cover. At this time, it is easier to use the WY type integrated gas tank to prevent the inner membrane from contacting the biogas slurry, and the tank mouth generally needs to increase the umbrella mesh rack to cover the inside. membrane. Umbrella grids cannot have burrs or sharp spots to prevent damage to the endometrium. The force of the grid is designed according to 1.5KP. Therefore, the force exerted by the inner membrane of the gas cabinet on the grid must not exceed 1 KP (the design of the grid is 1.5 KP for safety design). When the pressure of the gas cabinet is greater than 1 KP, a standard safety protector is required to protect the inner membrane and the safety of the grid.

The gas cabinet material also has the functions of anti-biogas corrosion, anti-ultraviolet radiation and microbes. The normal service life is more than 10-25 years, and there is no need for antiseptic treatment during the period;

All parts of the metal connection are made of stainless steel, which is enough to protect the cabinet against corrosion.

Material hermeticity meets European standards;

The inner membrane adopts a special process to treat the welding seam. The airtightness, physical properties and life of the welding seam are not less than the main material.

The outer membrane adopts three kinds of pressure protection methods. When it is normal, it uses electronic control. When there is a failure, it uses a spare physical pressure relief to ensure that the pressure is controlled within a safe range.

Gas cabinet design using pressure 2KP, far greater than the maximum wind pressure in the general area (10 wind pressure of about 0.5KP);

Lightning resistance needs to be provided with lightning protection devices.

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