Improve Fermentation Temperature, High Gas Production, Good Sealing Performance

- Jun 20, 2018 -

Large and medium-sized biogas engineering technology is a rural energy engineering technology that aims to develop and utilize farm waste as a subject, and to obtain energy and control environmental pollution, and to achieve a virtuous circle of agricultural ecology. At present, there are four types of biogas processes that are used in research and development in China. They are CSTR, USR and UASB process engineering respectively.

It includes mainly reducing anaerobic organic matter content through anaerobic fermentation and related treatment, reaching or approaching emission standards and obtaining energy based on anaerobic fermentation main body and supporting engineering technology design process requirements—biogas: biogas utilization product and equipment technology, mainly The use of biogas or directly used for domestic energy, or power generation, or burning boilers, or directly for the production of heating, or as a chemical raw materials, etc.: Biogas manure made of liquid fertilizer and compound fertilizer technology, is mainly through solid-liquid separation, adding necessary The elements and ingredients make the biogas fertilizer into liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer for its own use or sale.

Its key technology is biogas anaerobic fermentation technology, including conventional and efficient fermentation technology.

Biogas is a major energy industry in China. The traditional brick-concrete structure biogas digesters and the second-generation fiberglass biogas digesters have the problems of easy leakage, low gas production rate, high cost, and difficulty in transportation and assembly, which greatly affect the enthusiasm of farmers.

Red Mud Plastic Biogas Engineering Technology is a new biogas technology developed in recent years. It has the ability to absorb and utilize solar energy, increase fermentation temperature, high gas production, good sealing performance, low pressure, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, and resistance It has many advantages such as freezing, earthquake resistance, and lightning protection, and it has less investment, quick effect, and economical and durable.

Regularly check the tightness of biogas piping systems and equipment. If leaks are found, they should be quickly stopped and repaired. The pipeline system or storage equipment that has been overhauled must be tested for airtightness when it is used again. Biogas chiefs should not have buildings or obstacles on the road, and should not pass through heavy trucks. Prevention of biogas leakage is a fundamental measure for operational safety.

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