Can Beautify The Environment And Produce More Fuel

- Jun 20, 2018 -

Many people who have used conventional biogas digesters will have a feeling that the new biogas digesters seem to produce more biogas. In fact, this is not the user's illusion, but the fact that, after expert statistics, the amount of biogas generated by this new type of biogas digester is more than 20% to 30% of that of conventional biogas digesters.

So why does the software digester have such efficiency? This seemingly incomprehensible biogas digester is actually more efficient than a biogas digester built with bricks and cement. What is the reason for this?

In the work of the software biogas digester, it is not necessary to perform any agitation, because all the fermentation process is carried out in a closed environment. Such an environment can make the fermentation more thorough. After all, the principle of biogas digesters is the anaerobic fermentation of microorganisms, which is more appropriate in the absence of air. It can be said that a new type of biogas digester is an important part of the development of biogas digesters.

Now, the environmental issue has become a worldwide problem. Many countries in the world are very much advocating environmental protection. After all, environmental protection is to make people's living environment better, and its positive significance is self-evident. For rural areas, the software digester is an invention that is of great significance to environmental protection.

In the traditional countryside, people are always given the impression that they are dirty. After all, the random urine of all kinds of domestic animals and the random discard of various agricultural and forestry garbage all caused serious damage to the entire rural environment. But now it is different. Using software biogas digesters can solve these problems.

The raw materials of the software digesters are the excrement of some livestock and the remains of plants. These garbage wastes in the traditional sense are precious resources in this new biogas digester. Therefore, resources and wastes are often separated by only one line. It is necessary to make reasonable use of these wastes to be able to display the true value of these wastes, not only to beautify the environment, but also to produce fuel.

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