Corrosion resistance, high strength, long life

- Jun 20, 2018 -

Storage tanks are used to store acids, alkalis, alcohols, gases, liquids, and other refined chemicals. Storage tanks are widely distributed in North China. According to different materials, they generally include: polyethylene storage tanks, polypropylene storage tanks, glass steel storage tanks, ceramic storage tanks, rubber storage tanks, and stainless steel storage tanks.

As far as the cost performance of the tank is concerned, steel-lined polyethylene storage tanks are now the most superior. They have excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, long life, etc. The appearance can be manufactured in many varieties such as established, horizontal, transport, and mixing. .

Steel sealed containers used to store liquids or gases are steel tanks. Steel tank engineering is an essential and important infrastructure for industries such as petroleum, chemical, grain, oil, food, firefighting, transportation, metallurgy, and defense. In our economic life, steel storage tanks of large and small sizes are always indispensable. The important role played by steel tanks in the development of the national economy is irreplaceable. With the continuous development of the immediate tank industry, more and more industries and enterprises have used storage tanks, and more and more companies have entered the tank industry. Steel tanks are used to store various liquid (or gas) materials and The special equipment for finished products cannot be normally produced without storage tanks for many enterprises. In particular, national strategic material reserves cannot be separated from various types of capacity and types of storage tanks. China's oil storage facilities are mainly ground-based storage tanks, and most of them are metal structures.

Storage tanks are storage containers for long-distance oil and gas transmission pipelines. The oil storage tank at the first station of the oil pipeline is used to collect and store oil and ensure the stability of the pipeline's oil delivery. The terminal station's oil storage tank is used to receive and store oil and provide it to the oil-using unit. Gas storage tanks at the terminal stations of gas pipelines are mainly used for the peak shaving of city gas and are being replaced by underground gas storages and pipeline gas storages.

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