Easy to install, small footprint, fast fermentation

- Jun 20, 2018 -

It is made of organic and polymer inorganic composite materials. It has the advantages of anti-pressure, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, easy installation, small footprint, fast fermentation, more gas production, and lower cost. It mainly uses the straw in rural areas as the mainstay, and requires less livestock excrement. The period of one-time loading is not less than 6 months. It is used for cooking, heating, lighting and bathing.

1. The solar biogas tank adopts dry fermentation technology, which has fast fermentation and high gas production. It has changed the traditional wet pressure fermentation of biogas tanks and can only increase the air pressure by increasing the internal volume of the tank.

2. Solar biogas tanks have low cost, long life, and one-time loading. Overcome the high cost and cumbersome management of biogas tanks.

3. The solar biogas tank adopts high temperature and high efficiency startup technology. Traditional biogas tanks are buried in the ground and generate heat energy from the ground temperature, thus causing the summer gas production to be inexhaustible and the lack of gas production in the winter.

4. The solar biogas tank adopts anti-crust technology and the clever design of the anaerobic tank is no longer annoying. However, traditional biogas tanks must be manually stirred to prevent crusting of the feed liquid.

5. The technology of removing carbon dioxide from solar biogas tanks can greatly increase the purity of methane and increase the thermal efficiency, which is the same as the effect of liquefied gas.

6. The solar biogas tank adopts automatic voltage regulation and safe gas storage technology, gas storage tank separation device, and has an automatic discharge function, which is very safe to use. Due to the design reasons, traditional biogas tanks tend to grow up in the summer when the temperature is high, causing secondary pollution.

The outer layer of the tank is provided with a thermal insulation layer. The PVC geothermal pipe is embedded in the tank body as a thermal circulation pipeline, and the hot gas is transported into the tank by wind power to increase the temperature in the tank. In winter, it can be used normally. To meet the needs of different families 4 cubic - 12 cubic meters. Advanced technology, reasonable design, and long life (10 years of shelf life) will open up a new road for the development of rural biogas in China.

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