Ensure the tightness of the inner membrane

- Jun 20, 2018 -

Biogas storage tanks are generally used to store biogas. Under normal circumstances, biogas is continuously generated, but the use of gas is based on specific conditions and the time is not synchronized. Therefore, it is necessary to use a storage device to store unused biogas when it needs to be used. Double membrane gas storage tanks can be used to store and use biogas well.

Biogas, as its name implies, is the gas in the swamp. People often see bubbles in the swamps, sewers or septic tanks coming out. If we plan a match, we can ignite it. This is naturally occurring methane in nature. Biogas is a kind of combustible gas produced by various microorganisms, isolated from air (reducing conditions), and subjected to microbial fermentation under appropriate temperature and humidity.

The double-film gas storage cabinet is mainly composed of a base film (except integrated gas cabinet), an inner film, an outer film, a constant pressure control cabinet, a safety protector, and some control equipment and auxiliary materials.

The bottom film and the outer film together form a closed storage space. When the stored gas increases, the control device releases the pressure-adjusted air to make a certain amount of capacity. When the gas stored in the inner membrane is reduced, the control device injects the pressure regulating air to balance the pressure in the cabinet and stabilize the outer membrane stiffness. To keep the gas from mixing, the stored gas is isolated from the pressure regulator air using an inner membrane.

The base film, the inner film and the outer film are designed according to a variety of different shape specifications using a special film software, and then processed using a large heat sealing machine in a dustproof workshop. The large-scale equipment heat-synthesizes the separated diaphragms as a whole to ensure the high requirements of heat and seam tightness. At the same time, the life of heat and seams is the same as that of the materials, and the durability is ensured.

When we want to pay special attention to the role of the inner membrane is to isolate the pressure regulating gas and the stored gas, so in order to ensure the intimal tightness, our inner membrane adopts a unique patented welding technology (5-process treatment) to seal more effectively. gas.

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