A very clean energy source does not pollute the environment

- Jun 20, 2018 -

How Software Biogas Tanks Improve Air Quality

In China's winter, the problem of haze is very serious, because in the winter monsoon is from north to south, so that the haze can not be directly discharged from the north, but directly southward. This situation has caused most of our country to be affected by haze. However, the software digester can solve the problem of haze.

Regardless of the monsoon spread, the fundamental reason is that due to the pollution problem, if we can directly solve the pollution problem, we can fundamentally solve the problem of smog. The main function of the software biogas digester is to convert the waste of the lunar calendar into biogas, which is a very clean energy source that does not pollute the environment.

Although overall, the pollution produced by rural areas is far less than industrial pollution, it can reduce some pollution and reduce some pollution. Only by starting from the details above, we can start environmental protection, so that we can achieve environmental protection from the final perspective. The significance of software digesters is to help the environment from the details.

What are the characteristics of software biogas digesters?

Speaking of the characteristics of software biogas digesters, many people's first image is able to fold and check it is more convenient. Indeed, this is the most obvious feature of this new biogas digester, but it is not all his features. This new biogas digester is not only portable, but also has many advantages over traditional biogas digesters.

The biogas conversion efficiency of software biogas digesters is even more outstanding. Many people who have used two different types of biogas digesters can clearly feel that new types of biogas digesters can generate large amounts of biogas in a very short period of time. This is what a traditional biogas digester can't do.

Secondly, above the investment cost, the software digester also occupies a very big advantage. Although the invention of a new type of methane tank is relatively late, the cost is even lower. Traditional biogas digesters use more or less cement bricks, and these new biogas digesters are not required. It can be said that simple, efficient and cheap is the biggest advantage of the new biogas digester.

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