Reduce Liquid Viscosity And Improve Fluidity

- Jun 20, 2018 -

The traditional storage tank heating method is as follows: the tank is used to install tube or coil heaters, so that the viscous liquid in the tank is exchanged with the hot medium (usually saturated steam as the thermal medium) to achieve viscous The warming of the liquid reduces the viscosity of the liquid and improves its fluidity to facilitate pumping.

Many years of traditional tank heating methods have inevitably become more and more obvious:

1, low heat exchange efficiency, steam consumption. The heating of viscous liquids by traditional tank heaters is a stationary natural convection heat transfer with a very low exothermic coefficient. Due to the low heat exchange efficiency, the temperature of the condensate water is high and it is often eliminated with a large amount of steam. At the same time, due to the high temperature of the viscous liquid on the surface of the heating tube, it stays on the high-temperature surface of the heat exchange tube for a long time, and easily decomposes, which causes condensation on the surface of the heat exchange tube, and it is prone to coke formation, which seriously hinders the heat transfer and also affects the heat exchange. Thermal efficiency.

2. The heating process is not economical. When only a small amount of viscous liquid needs to be poured, the entire viscous liquid in the tank must be heated. The amount of heating is several times the amount used, and a large amount of steam is made useless.

3, the temperature of the viscous liquid in various parts of the tank is not balanced. The temperature of the viscous liquid near the heater is higher, the temperature of the viscous liquid away from the heater is lower, and the temperature of drawing the viscous liquid is lower, seriously affecting the fluidity of the oil.

4, affect the viscous liquid quality. The viscous liquid in the tank is repeatedly heated, and a large amount of fine decomposition products are generated in the heating process, which has a certain influence on the quality of the viscous liquid and increases the cost of the post-processing.

In view of the drawbacks of the traditional tank heating method, a new type of local rapid heater technology is produced.

In order to ensure the safe production of enterprises, safe operation of equipment, and increase the service life and labor productivity of equipment, regular inspections and maintenance must be performed on the mechanical equipment in operation to prevent mechanical failure and affect production, or mechanical accidents cause casualties, actual production, and safety. Operating procedures and safety maintenance management system, after research and development of this tank storage tank overhaul maintenance.

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